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2nd International Congress on Woman and Child Health and Training will be held in  Wellborn Hotel in Kocaeli on 05/06 October 2017 with the support and contribution of İstanbul Association of Science and Academicians. The main theme of our second congress is to reintroduce healthy and educated individuals into the society. Education and health are our essentials for generation and continuation of generations. Therefore, awareness of mothers and parents necessitates upbringing educated and conscious future generations by making strategic plans for the future. In our second congress, we will emphasize the importance of education and health and to discuss what can be done to raise educated, conscious and more qualified individuals and for a healthy society and individuals. We believe that this congress will contribute to the participant scientists both in our country and from other world countries and serve as a bridge in creating source for the scientific and academic literature. We will discuss and find solution offers related to women’s issues, difficulties of being a mother, working woman, woman health, fundamentals of prenatal and postnatal periods, conscious pregnancy, importance of cancer and early diagnosis, creating awareness, permanent efficiency, educational issues, things to do in increasing improvement and quality of education, legal processes, being a controlled mother, managing anger and stress, things to do for being a conscious and well-informed parent. We will mention the solution offers for the triangle of education, health and violence ranking first among the most important problems of all world countries. Moreover, we will also speak of the requirements in order to improve the efficiency of non-governmental organizations and the problems established by these organizations, to unite with the society and individuals at higher level, to create togetherness, to produce projects and to find fast solution offers to the problems. We will ensure that all participants will leave with wide range of information after the congress. We would like to thank all the participants and supports in advance and hope to meet you.  



Prof. Dr. Mustafa TALAS           Prof. Dr. Ümran SEVİL

Education                                 Health

Co-chairman of the Congres           Co-chairman of the Congress         Co-chairman of the Congress

       Assoc. Prof. Kaya YILDIZ                       Prof. Dr. Sevgi ÖZKAN                 Assoc. Prof. Gülten HERGÜNER

    Education                                              Health                                                Education

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