Hayrettin GÜMÜŞDAĞ
The process and product of development and mastery of movements can be affected in very different and complex ways. Both the process and the product are affected by the person's heredity and past experiences. Factors affecting motor development can be considered in three ways: 1. Before birth, 2. During birth, 3. After birth. Factors Affecting Prenatal Motor Development Development can be affected by environmental and hereditary factors at every stage of life. The development process of the baby, who develops healthily before birth, may be impaired as a result of lack of oxygen during the birth or postnatal accidents and poisonings. Factors affecting motor development before and during birth can be listed as nutrition and chemicals, heredity, environment, medical problems, diagnosis and diagnosis during pregnancy, and heavy physical activity during pregnancy. Factors affecting motor development before birth: Nutrition and chemicals, malnutrition before birth, drugs used by the mother, alcohol and smoking, heredity, chromosomal disorders, gene-related disorders, environment, radiation. chemical pollution Medical Problems, sexually transmitted diseases, maternal infection, hormonal and chemical imbalances, blood incompatibility, maternal emotional stress, early pregnancy, pregnancy toxemia. Nutrition and Chemicals Everything that enters the mother's stomach affects the fetus. The effects of harmful substances vary according to the conditions. The environment in which the fetus is located, the degree, amount or dose of nutritional or chemical damage, the stage of pregnancy of the mother significantly affects the unborn baby. Prenatal malnutrition, maternal medications, alcohol and smoking are the chemical and nutritional factors that affect motor development in the prenatal period. ORCID NO: 0000-0002-1616-8671

Anahtar Kelimeler: Child, Development, Motor, Mother